Integra has gained the trust of institutions as the go-to ERP software to manage student, teacher, administrative, financial and human resource data and tasks with great ease, power and efficiency.

Since times have changed, no educational institution can go on with cumbersome paper work and clutter in managing daily activities. It’s highly time consuming and a sure waste of time and resources. More importantly, ERP software as Integracuts down on your daily overhead and operational costs to a fraction.

As competitor institutions modernize, institutions have to gain competitive advantage over each other by employing new state-of-the-art technology. While staying relevant to the current times, administering and managing your campus better is a priority. Using the current technology and tools as the web and digital technologies, we carve out a custom software technology solution to take care of all your management and administrative needs.

As we move onto the e-age, it is imperative to make use of themost leading-edge technology so that you will not be left behind compared to your competitors.

Integra is an all-inclusive school management software solutiondesigned for easy management and administration of schools. Years of research have gone into understanding the complexities and dynamics of school related tasks and activities. With the infusion of innovative modern technology, it gets all that easier, effective, powerful and efficient. Integra has completely revolutionized and changed the way schools function. Below are some of the benefits of using Integra software:

  • Integra is path-breaking, revolutionary, custom, scalable and highly secure web based software solution usable with great ease on web browsers.
  • Works even without the internet via intranet as well. All data is secure, protected and accessed via individual logins for all parties.
  • Integra is a well-researched, developed and comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software product custom made for schools, college and universities.
  • Integra is easy to use with user-friendly interfaces for easy navigation.
  • Reduces manpower, cost and time of daily operations benefiting the management maximizing efficiency.
  • Secure, safe and reliable inbuilt database and data security.
  • Offline to online data synchronization
  • Database can be accessed from multiple locations via login
  • Manage multiple institutions or colleges with a single login.
  • As a multi-user application, it’s customizable based on varied campus curriculum operations.
  • Attendance system based on time table and for each subject or class
  • Student Fee accounts management.
  • Get Student University or Board reports
  • Customizable reports based on user preference for easy management of school
  • Library Management module also reads barcodes and tracks library stock
  • Grant and deny access through Accent Control Modules with Smart Cards
  • Question paper module enables Curriculum based question paper generation
  • Online Examination Module
  • Transport fleet and staff management module
  • Better Organized Hostel Management
  • Human Resource and Payroll Management
  • Accounts and Inventory Management
  • Integrated E-Learning and Content Management Modules
  • Through systematic functions, Integra makes the task of school management easy and efficient.
  • After installation and implementation, our expert engineers will offer training and after sales support.

With Integra, students will become savvier and more informed getting real-time updates on their performances. Guided by teachers and parents monitoring their performance, they will know where they are in terms of their academic and extra-curricular performances. All information and updates reach students in real-time within seconds so that they can prepare for important tests and examinations:

  • Learning improves due to comprehensive view of students’ own performances on a single dashboard
  • Connect with alumni to get access to more information, resources and experiences
  • Exams can be taken online
  • Interaction with fellow students, teachers, parents and other experts at school is made easy.

Integra enhances teacher-student-parent relationship by facilitating easy communication between them after school hours. So, essentially, school keeps happening even after the set few hours where students and teachers are present inside the campus. Integra thus manages to eliminate the limitations in time management and set curriculum. The interface facilitates teachers to share thoughts, ideas, articles and videos on forums with students.

  • Enables dynamic digital interaction with students and parentswith digital media aides for teaching
  • View/Manage mark and grades of students in just a few clicks
  • Manage timetable and attendance with ease
  • Analyze subject wise performance of students
  • Plan academic syllabus easily with all data in front of your eyes
  • Manage and view class information
  • Manage and keep track of assignments and completion
  • Manage and announce students awards and events
  • Manage and send lecture notes to all your students at once and many more…

Integra is the best and the easiest way for parents to connect with their wards’ education, performance, curriculum, teachers and management. The software helps you remotely monitor your children’s performance, if you are either living far away or if both parents are working. In today’s economic scenario,as parents have been busier than ever before, your children’s performance can be monitored at the touch of a button.

Take advantage of the reporting system in Integra to get first-hand information on your wards’ academic and extra-curricular performances.Integra also enables parents to access e-news and forums, while facilitating participation in polling to take collective important campus decisions for their children.

  • Easy connectivity with and instant updates on campus activities
  • Access to details regarding school facilities
  • Easy access to academic performance and attendance reports of wards
  • Students remarks
  • Fees payment details
  • SMS notification from daily homework to important periodic updates

The management gets better control, reach and a wider panoramic view of daily school activities and operations via simplified reports. With Integra, the management can also perform a lot of school management activities quite easily. The updates by the management reach students, teaching and non-teaching staff in real-time within seconds.

Admission processes, important updates, messages, exam notifications, notice boards and publishing of magazines can all be instantly updated and communicated with students, teachers, staffs and parents instantly within seconds. The management can do away with the outdated process of sending circulars, thereby saving time, cost and useful resources.

  • All-in-One Single Point Campus Management Software
  • Minimizes tasks and maximizes communication speeds and results
  • Usable both online and offline and via both internet (WAN) and intranet (LAN)
  • Global connectivity and exposure to your institute and its integrant
  • Save labor costs, man hours and resources required for carrying out widespread communication and reaching a lot of people in multiple departments at once
  • Include and exclude departments you want notified about new developments in the institution
  • Automation reduces several man hours of work to a fragment
  • Facilitates easy connectivity with parents and alumni to helpmaintain your school’s brand image
  • Software’s ability to handle multiple operations at once saves on your investment to enable better allocation and investment of resources