Always Accessible

You can log in from any place from your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Always Up-To-Date

You’re always using the latest version with automatic updates.

Always Secure

Security system on par with internet banking ensures your data is safe with us.

Always Backed Up

Your data is backed up, so if your computer crashes – your work doesn’t.

Role Based Dashboard

You shall be provided with multiple dashboard, for every department.


Go green, Go paperless.

Support Multiple Devices

You can access you ERP from any device, any time.

Multiple OS

You can access your data from any os either its windows, mac or linux.

Integra mobile application is a smart tool and a complete and comprehensive package which includes all facilities at one point. Elegant and eye catching features enable parents to get all information of their wards instantly. They can easily view the photo gallery, read notices, view the monthly planner, communicate with teachers and do a lot more

Online Fee Payment

Now all fee related information and payment facility is available at the click of the mouse. With Integra, fees can be paid online with real time receipt generation facility.

Smart Card

A smart card is a payment card embedded with a computer chip. Funds are pre-loaded onto the cards. The smart card system can be used at books shop, stationery shop, Cafeteria and uniforms shop at the campus. Having an electronic wallet allows students to shop safely, while funds can be added by parents or rewarded by the school.