Which type of schools is Integra suitable for?

Integra is suitable for all types of schools and all types of educational institutions ascolleges, large universities and even small to large training institutes. The size of your school doesn’t matter at all. Integra is a software solution that can be customized for any type of schools based on your needs.

How is Integra different from other Campus Management Software present on the market?

Integra is unique in the sense that it comes with end-to-end customization possibilities. Complexdaily mundane activities, administrative, operational and managerial tasks are coded into simplified programs and software processes for easy and effective handling and management.

Do you have the Offline Version of the Software too or just Computer-based Software?

Integra can be used both offline and online and on all contemporary and modern devices as mobile phones, tabs and pads.

Do we host or you do the hosting for us?

Since Integra is online web-based software, we do all the hosting for you.

Can we also host Integra on a server of our choice?

Integra is a custom flexible software solution and hence you can host on your own server too, or wherever you want to host it, as you please.

What about Data Security?

All your data is highly safe and secure, as all data is encrypted with the latest industry standard 256-bit TLS encryption. So, your data can neither be lost nor stolen.

Are there Data back up and sync functions, if any data gets accidentally deleted?

Yes, there are data back up and sync functions and you can also retrieve data in an easy, fast and efficient way.

I like Integra but still we would like a few more features. What shall we do?

Integra is highly customizable. So, if you would like us add new features, please do get in touch with us. We will do the necessary customization and add as many features, as desired.

What Mode of Payment do we use to pay for Integra?

You can pay online using Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Cheques and via online transfers to our bank accounts. Contact our sales team for guidance on making payments.

Can I export data from the software?

Yes, Integra does come with options to export data from the software.

Can I import existing data into your school software?

Yes, you can. All school and institution-related data can be imported into Integra and used.

Is training provided on how to use Integra?

Yes. Although using Integra carries only a child-level difficulty, so that even children can use, we still provide one-on-one free training to all our customers. Plus, you also get an instruction manual for your reference in future.

Do you provide Support Services?

Yes, we do provide support services during sales and also after sales services. You can always contact our support services team via phone, e-mail and chat to raise tickets and get your issues resolved.

What are the benefits of Integra?

Integra offers a lot of benefits to the whole of the academic community including teachers, students, admin, management and even parents.End-to-end customization, adding new features on demand, etc. are some of the other key benefits of using Integra.

Tell me something about the technology behind Integra software

Designed and developed professionally by experts, Integra uses PHP, MySQL, AJAX and JQUERY.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden charges. You pay only for the price of your package and forrenewals. Annual maintenance charges will be fixed while signing the agreement with you upon sale.

Can I upgrade from one package to another after I have purchased the software?

Yes, you can upgrade to any other package any time you would like to.

Can I RESELL the software?

Please refer to our RESELLER page to know more. You may also contact us to inquire about becoming a reseller.

Is there a trial version of Integra?

We have a demo version of Integra on this website. You can also get a sneak peek of the software through a video. We may also provide a trial version. Please contact us to know more and for any assistance on the same.

How long can I use Integra?

You can use Integra as long as you would like to. Just make an online payment upon renewals and you are good to go.

Do you refund money if I do not like your software?

We will most certainly assure you that you will love using our software. This is something that has not happened with us so far, as we have satisfied all our clients. Hence, we provide a demo version for all and a trial version on special request.

Customers will be able to get a feel of our software in these runs. Despite all that, in the worst case scenario, if any of our clients is still unhappy, yes, we do offer you a way out via a refund option.